Durable food
packaging solutions

For more than 85 years, we have pioneered the creation and production of contemporary and functional plastic packaging solutions for food.

More than 85 years of expertise
THE reference for injection molding
Own mold shop
100% Belgian production
Our expertise

Innovation is one of our core values.
Our technical engineers and product experts put new techniques, material knowledge and production methods first. Thanks to this mindset, we remain a trendsetter in the market.


Quality durable

Sustainability and quality are an Olympic minimum for DBP. In our production in Wilrijk, we experiment with the use of new materials and sustainable concepts.

Durable Branded Plastics SINDS 1935

In 2022, the third generation will head the family business DBP Plastics. Thanks to the right investments, we are still leaders in innovative techniques, while maintaining our core values: quality, sustainability and 100% Belgian.